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A great tool for designers and developers helps you create components applications as fast as website builders and as professional as a graphics editor.
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Flex blocks
Scroll blocks
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Action rules

Design Process

High level tools

Sizze editor has all the capabilities of professional graphic editors: from color classes to autolayout technology.

Integration with Figma

Easily import designs from Figma into Sizze and get the ability to upload code


Turn our components into unique design elements or create your own and use them in projects.

Development Opportunities

Design into Flutter and React Native

You can convert your design to the most popular Flutter and React Native frameworks

Integration with Expo

Together with our colleagues from snack, we launched an instant view of the application in the web-player, so that you can instantly see the result of work on your project

Interactive modes

Take advantage of additional capabilities in component design,
creating scenarios for their use.

Code for individual elements

Every element you create can be easily converted into code and used to integrate into your project.

Future Design

No Code

We help not only developers, but also designers without programming knowledge to translate their own ideas into a high-quality project.

Made For The All Browsers

Sizze 2.1.1 Version
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